OpenID Connect IdP on iPhone

As part of the exercise to see if OpenID Connect Messages 1.0 were written appropriately so that other bindings can be produced, Jun Eijima and I have created a custom scheme binding of the OpenID Connect, and implemented it on iPhone. In the first pass, we did it in three steps (1. Registration, 2. Authorization, […]

OpenID Connect Test Facility Preview Available

Andreas Åkre Solberg and Roland Hedberg from Fedlab opened a technology preview of the OpenID Connect Test Facility. It is publicly available now. Start right away to test your OpenID Connect Provider: This is an early preview of a pretty complex set of software, so they are asking you to be patient, and report […]

Approve OpenID Connect Implementer’s Drafts!

Hi. OpenID Conenct Implementer’s Draft voting has finally started. We had a technical problem that delayed the start of the voting almost 23 hours, but as promised, we have started it on the Feb. 7, PST![1] So here it goes! Voting Page ===> The specifications in questions are: The specifications are posted at these locations: […]

Scopes and Claims in OpenID Connect

In OpenID Connect, there are notions of “scopes” and “claims”. Some people see some overlap there and wonders why they are like that. Here is my attempt to explain the relationship between the two. OpenID Connect defined scopes OpenID Connect defines several scopes. They are: openid – REQUIRED. Informs the Authorization Server that the Client is […]

OpenID Connect in a nutshell

When you read the OpenID Connect Specifications, you might feel a little bit intimidated. That’s because they are written in “spec language” and they deal with corner cases, etc.  Yet when you translate them into normal English and just concentrate on a “simple case”, it becomes quite simple. So, here we go! (OK, much of the text is the same […]