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OpenID ABConnect

  2010/11/11    identity , ,

In an effort to unify Artifact Binding (AB) and Connect (C), Breno (Google), John (Protiviti), and I did a bit of work at iiw and converged to the following split of the specs. So, the structure of the spec will …

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OpenID TechNight #6

  2010/05/29    identity , , ,

“OpenID TechNight vol.6”, a technical seminar hosted by OpenID Foundation Japan (OIDF-J) took place on May 28, 2010 at NRI. Here is the summary: Introduction – Tatsuya Katsuhara (NRI) Some introduction to Identity and Web Identity Technology, the history of …

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To Push or Not to Push: that is the question

  2009/09/17    identity , ,

So I was designing OpenID Authn Artifact Binding based on OAuth. OAuth pushes request token (RT) to the Service Provider (saml:responder, openid:op). Then, I looked back at the saml artifact binding. It is the opposite. It sends the artifact first …