Analyzing Yahoo! Voices Password Leakage

Lot’s of articles appeared on the Yahoo! Voices’ password leakage on the 11th. Many people seem to be assuming that Yahoo!s password has been leaked, but to me it seems a little different. According to the press articles[1], it seem the password has been extracted from a service called Yahoo!Voices using SQL Union injection. The […]

Entity, Identity, Privacy

First of all, let me state an important assumption. Whether you or me, or the PC that I am writing this blog post, let us assume that they exist and not get into a philosophical issue of existence. Let such existing bodies be called “Entity”. Thus, I am an entity, this PC is an entity, […]

Identifier and Privacy

At Identity.Next yesterday, we had some discussion as to the desirable characteristics of the identifiers, especially in the context of National or Citizen IDs. In most cases, the use of such identifier seems to be restricted in a way that it can be used in some particular purposes. However, enforcement seems to be an issue. […]