Nat Sakimura is a well-known identity and privacy standardization architect at NAT Consulting and the Chairman of the Board of the OpenID Foundation and MyData Japan. Besides being an author/editor of such widely used standards as OpenID Connect, JWT (RFC7519), JWS (RFC7515), OAuth PKCE (RFC7636) ISO/IEC 29100 Privacy Framework Amd.1, and ISO/IEC 29184 Online privacy notice and consent, he helps communities to organize themselves to realize the ideas around identity and privacy.

As the chairman of the board of the OpenID Foundation, he streamlined the process, bolstered the IPR management, and greatly expanded the breadth of the foundation spanning over 10 working groups whose members include large internet services, mobile operators, financial institutions, governments, etc.

He is also active in public policy space. He has been serving in numerous committees in the Japanese government and also advising OECD’s Working Party on Data Governance and Privacy in Digital Economy as a member of the Internet Technical Advisory Committee (OECD/ITAC).

He is currently the head of delegates of the Japanese National Body to ISO/PC 317 Consumer Protection: Privacy by design for consumer goods and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27/WG 5 that standardizes Identity management and privacy technologies and is a founding board member of Kantara Initiative.

Personally, he was a flautist and still deeply loves (both western and Japanese)  ‘classical’ music especially the 20th century and later. (Well, is that ‘classical’?) He spent six years in Kenya while he was in junior and senior high school, where he learnt how to horse ride to go after giraffe, and still loves the life there.


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Patents / Patent Applications

Patent System Number
1.特許公開2009-230601	Communication systems, methods, authentication and the client. (Pending)
2.特許公開2008-204250	Authentication system and the relying partty methods. 
3.特許公開2008-027222	Authentication System, Methods, and program. 
4.特許公開2007-109122	Authentication System, Methods, and program. 
5.特許公開2007-060172	Authentication Devices, Authentication Methods and Authentication Program.
6.特許公開2007-058469	Authentication System, Server, methods and authentication program.
7.特許公開2007-058468	Card based authentication, authentication system, authentication method and card authentication system.
8.特許公開2005-167700	User Information Management Systems.

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