Is Facebook “Like” button tracking you?

Since I am using it on this blog also, I probably should not talk loudly, but I feel creepy about the Facebook “Like” button. If you go to a site with the “Like” button when you are logged into Facebook, a Cookie like below gets sent. csm=2; xs=3:2bPC2V….; datar=eVE7TanyekLi2UeCWqCdYaUo; fr=0PBQNPwSEhxk3vCRg.RVUkbgel9qAjCByqVqRQ0lSpntc; lu=The17FfNt9Yc_hqg8eoWG04B; s=Ba98fsjdlw-QWvPeofj.BP_Wqm; c_user=1048138174; act=134500423456/1:0; sub=1; […]