Supporting IMAP etc. poor-man’s way

There are multiple efforts that are going on to bring the federated identity to non-web protocols. At IETF, it is done in the kitten WG and here are projects like Moonshot that deals with GSS-API etc. That is the right way to go in the long run. At the same time, there is a question […]

Count Up API

As part of the PEAFIAMP project, we are supposed to come up with a way to provide the service providers (SP, RP) to find out how many times the service was provided to the entity. Note that I used entity and not identity here. An entity may have any number of identities, some of which […]

Registration of Attribute Server to the Authorization Server

  As part of the PEAFIAMP project, we are now working on the Attribute Server – Authorization Server introduction. Here, “introduction” is done in the following steps: SP requests certain attributes to the authorization server, using the standardized (registered) vocabulary. Authorization server, since it does not yet know where the attributes lives, it asks the […]

US$1.5M project to bolster the privacy and security of the cyberspace

National Institute of Informatics (NII), University of Tokyo, University of Kyoto, and Nomura Research Institute have jointly won a funding from Ministry of Communication with regard to privacy and security enhancement of the cyberspace through SAML and OpenID Connect. The funding is approximately US$1.5M. The project lead is Prof. Nakamura of NII. It is a project that […]