US$1.5M project to bolster the privacy and security of the cyberspace

National Institute of Informatics (NII), University of Tokyo, University of Kyoto, and Nomura Research Institute have jointly won a funding from Ministry of Communication with regard to privacy and security enhancement of the cyberspace through SAML and OpenID Connect. The funding is approximately US$1.5M. The project lead is Prof. Nakamura of NII.

It is a project that is supposed to be done with European partners.

The project runs from the end of October to the end of the March, 2013.

The project entails the followings:

  1. Research and development on the registration of the attribute providers to the authorization server
  2. Research and development on the privacy protection at the attribute server using proxies (e.g., aggregated claim model)
  3. Research and development on the privacy protection at the proxies
  4. Application of the OpenID Connect model to a non-web environments such as SMTP, IMAP (like the one found in IETF kitten-wg), custom schema etc.

I am the project lead for the OpenID Connect portion and am very excited with this new development, and would like to thank the ministry for the opportunity. The end result will be open sourced, so stay tuned.

If there are people who is working on a similar project,  please get in touch with me so that we can appropriately coordinate.

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