OpenID Summit in Den Hague, Netherlands (Nov. 21)

The OpenID Foundation is hosting an OpenID workshop as a joint event with the Identity.Next Conference on November 21.  It will be held in The Hague, The Netherlands. The OpenID Foundation runs a series of workshops like this one for business decision makers, as well as running other OpenID summits that are more technical.

The event is for the owners of consumer websites, citizen oriented government sites, and enterprise SaaS services to discuss how to improve login systems by using techniques such as OAuthOpenID and an Account Chooser.

Please join us on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 from 11:00 until 15:00 GMT.

We have 45 free seats available to visit the OpenID summit on the second day. The Identity.Next event is a two day event, people are also able to attend to first day with only a one-day entrance fee. Check the website for more information about the conference ( ).

REGISTER NOW! Registration is open at the following link for the 45 free one-day seats (select general admission (one day):

New Babylon Center
Koningin Julianaplein 30 – 2595, The Hague
The Netherlands


11.00-11.30 Introduction to OpenID foundation Nat Sakimura

11.30 -12.15 The OpenID connect Protocol and Mobile Demonstration John Bradley

13.30 – 14.15  Improving the user experience of sign-in using an Account Chooser Nat Sakimura

14.15 – 15.00 Business benefits for relying party’s accepting OpenID Kick Willemse

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