Public Review of UMA 0.9 is going on

June 24: The three main UMA Version 0.9 specifications – UMA Core , OAuth Resource Set Registration , and UMA Claim Profiles  – are out for a45-day public review period ending September 6 at 17:00 Pacific time. This review is in preparation for advancement of these specs as Kantara Initiative Recommendations. If you have specification comments or IPR review comments, be sure to follow the commenting […]

Identity Management TechDay

Invitation to the Identity Management TechDayon March 20, 2014 in Darmstadt, Germany   Dear colleagues,   We are pleased to invite you to the Customer Platforms Identity Management Cloud Conference as part of the“TechDays” series organized by Technology & Platforms. We are now sending you all of the necessary information about the agenda, as announced. […]

Refactoring OpenID Connect Drafts

After the Berlin OpenID AB/C WG F2F meeting, I have been trying to refactor the Connect suites into more palatable form. I am supposed to create two sets of the refactored version. One for a granular split version and the other for a monolithic version. Some people like Torsten and Me push for a granular […]

More on Personal Data working group report

So, during the Kantara Initiative’s Information Sharing working group call, which happend between 1:30am and 2:30am here in Munich, Joe Andreu kindly pointed out that an English version of the press release is available at: For the content of the report, you can go directly to the section 3 of the release. In it, it […]

Alice to Bob resource sharing

So I was in UMA call today and that reminded me of this use case. How does Alice share her protected resources (like medical test result) to Bob? I may have bloged in the past, but here is another try. The requirements:  Alice needs to give permission to Bob to access her resource;  The resource […]