OpenID module for Xoops 2 and Xoopscube ver.0.2

OpenID RP Module for Xoops JP. ============================== Author: Nat Sakimura (=nat) Date: 2008-02-10 Copyright: Nat Sakimura (=nat) License: GPL Version: 0.2 PHP OpenID Library: php-openid-2.0.0 DOWNLOAD ======== INSTALL ======= 1. Unarchive the files under modules/ directory. 2. Define XOOPS_TRUST_PATH somewhere out of the web accessible path in mainfile.php 3. Create a foloder

Random thoughs on Reputation

Let me make note of my random thougts before I forget. Reputation needs to have an identifier of somebody being scored. The same for who is scoring. For what criteria, this reputation score was made. For the reputation to be aggregatable, it has to have a distribution that we know about the aggregated distribution (such […]

Talk with Drummond

Talked with Drummond this morning at iiw2007 . Finally getting to know the problem space that he is tackling. I have always been very vague on what he talks on Subject-predicate etc. and graph model etc. Identifier usually is a pointer to an object and nothing more, but what he is trying to do is […]