Identiverse: 7 Principles of Digital Being

Wednesday, June 301:00pm – 1:30pm MDT

In 2020 we observed an unprecedented rate of migration from the physical world to the cyber world. COVID-19 imposed the migration. Some people say that 5 to 10 years worth of change was done in the space of a few months. There, our ability to communicate in the physical world was severely limited due to the stay-home policy, and we have started to rely heavily on Cyber communication. In cyberspace, any communication is done through digital being – our digital representation in cyberspace. However, as digital beings are intangible, there are many properties of physical beings that we take for granted that are essential for our “safe life” is not there. This session gives an overview of seven principles of digital being that are needed to make our digital life safe and assuring.

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