Identiverse: Where are we with SIOP and DID?

Wednesday, June 23
7:30am – 8:20am MDT (1:30pm – 2:20pm UTC)

Last year, DIF and OIDF have partnered and work is progressing to make DID/VC world connected to the OpenID Connect world. During the practice, WG is tackling many hard problems that decentralized identity systems face.

This panel discusses the status of the specs and the most current thinking around these “hard issues” with three distinguished Panelists:

In the Panel, Kim will be delivering high level problem statements. Then Kristina, the chair of the SIOP Special Call within the OpenID AB/Connect WG will provide the current status on the group’s work. After that, I and Tobias will touch on a related work: OpenID Connect Claims Aggregation. This work deals with the linking of the “Verified Claims” and “Verified Credentials” to the request and response (presentation) from and to the relying party.

Then, comes a fun part. I will start fielding “Hard Questions” as the moderator. I am not sure how the virtual conferencing technologies goes but if possible, David Waite of Ping Identity may chime in to pose questions as well.

If you are interested in the topic, please come by.

You can register to the event from this link: GET 10% OFF REGISTRATION BY USING DISCOUNT CODE SPEAKER1492

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