IKP WG Plenary, BGIN Block #6

[JUL 26 14:00 CET] BGIN Block #6 IKP WG Plenary – SBT, Selective Disclosure, etc –

Today (Jul 26) at 14:00 CET, we will have an IKP WG 1 at BGIN Block #6 conference. The agenda is as follows:

  •  Overview of the session (10 minutes)
  • Ransomware report presentation and discussion (15 minutes):
    • Jessica Mila Schutzman, (co-editor and presenter)
  • Selective Disclosure: (20 minutes)
    • Kazue Sako (editor and presenter)
  • Soul Bound Token (SBT) : (45 minutes)
    • Michi Kakebayashi (presenter)
    • Tetsu Kurumizawa (presenter)
  • AOB:
    • Ronin network incident, etc

Registration is still possible2 from the official site below. If you are interested in the topic, please come by.


  1. I am the chair of the WG
  2. As of 8:30 CET

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