Global Identity GAINs Global Interoperability 

On Friday morning, after a hard party that I did not go to, people came at 8:30 sharp to start the last day’s keynote sessions. The session started with an introduction, then Kim Cameron Award Announcement (we could not see them as we are backstage), then finally our panel for 30 min.

8:45 AM – 9:15 AM Keynote

The panellists were:

What did we talk about? Basically, it was about the interoperability among a network of trustworthy networks. The notion of leveraging existing networks seems to be immensely popular in many jurisdictions.

Network of networks, given first in my presentation at EIC 2021 Keynote

We also touched on the point that we need to consider not only “rich men’s computing” cases where smartphones are available to each person but the cases where people do not have access to smartphones and the connection and the electricity are sporadic.

When the archive of the Identiverse 2022 was released, I will update the post.

(photo by Brian Campbell)

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