OpenID Connect Avian Carriers Binding first draft imminent

I just heard from the editor that the new draft “OpenID Connect Avian Carriers Binding” is on its way. I just had a glimpse of the draft and it looks very useful. While it sounds ridiculous, the draft actually addresses the not-connected scenario that OIDC Core gave up in 2014.

The main idea is to represent the ID Token in QR Code so that it can be carried by a physical being. Obviously, it does not have to be a bird. A human carrying it in his wallet, e.g., COVID-19 vaccination pass is a perfectly valid implementation.

Having said that, the draft needs a lot of polishing yet to become public. Most notably, some kind of alignment with ISO/IEC 18013-5 mDL (mobile driver’s license) should be considered.

It has been on my ToDo list since 2014. I am glad to see it finally progressing.

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