Happy New Year!

CNT-0012173-012015 was a hectic year: Bunch of the specs that I have been working on (JWS [RFC7515], JWT [RFC7519], OAuth PKCE [RFC7636], JWK Thumbprint [RFC7638])got published and the work to convert ISO/IEC 29100 Privacy Framework into Japan Industry Standard started. We had OpenID Summit Tokyo 2015 gathering around 500 audience also. (The last time was back in 2011). A book that I co-wrote[5] got published. A paper on the level of assurance of an identity that I helped was also published from Springer[6].

This year, now that the components such as JWS etc. are ready, I intend to re-start working on something that is now known as Fintech. I will also continue on my work in OIDF as well as ISO/IEC including “Privacy enhancing identity management based on attribute based identity management” and “Notice and Consent” as a rapporteur and an editor, respectively. There also is going to be an OECD ministerial coming this June in Mexico. I intend to assist it though OECD/ITAC.

I believe all these are important work but I am just a little catalyst. The real body of the work will be done by many capable persons like you. I hope you will be able to help the work to make the world a little better.

May your year be a happy and prosperous one.

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