2012 NSTIC/IDtrust Workshop Panel topics?

So, I will be a panelist in the following workshop.

2012 NSTIC/IDtrust Workshop:   “Technologies and Standards Enabling the Identity Ecosystem”

March 13-14, 2012
NIST – Administration Building – Green Auditorium – Gaithersburg, MD

8:45 am Welcome – NSTIC GoalsJeremy Grant, NIST
9:15 am Level – Setting: “An Introduction to the 3rd Epoch of IDtrust”Ian Glazer, Gartner
9:30 am Keynote-Mapping the Global IDentity EcosystemSpeakers:  Karen O’Donoghue, ISOC and Lucy Lynch, ISOC
10:00 am Panel: Gaps and Challenges for Advancing the Global Identity EcosystemModerator:  Lucy Lynch, ISOC Panelists:

·         Tom Smedinghoff, Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP

·         John Bradley, OpenID Foundation

·         Ken Klingenstein, Internet2

·         Leif Johansson, NORDUnet

·         Nat Sakimura, NRI / OpenID Foundation


Possible Topics:

  • Gap between US and EU – EU’s Data Protection Regulation requires “Explicit Consent” while US’s Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights allows “Respect for Context (Implicit Consent, necessity) ” judged from the context.
  • What constitutes “meaningful consent”?
  • “Data Protection” v.s. “Privacy Protection”
  • Level of Protection, Level of Control.
  • “Rights to be forgotten” v.s. “Rights to change one’s mind”.
  • Is deletion of data (rights to be forgotten) realistic (esp. for the ones that were passed to third parties)?
  • Provider Linkability and Consumer Linkability [1]
  • Cross boarder transfer of the data
  • Why do we expect that it works this time? : Business model around authentication and attribute transfer.


[1] Different service providers colluding and linking personal data to create unwanted “identity” is a violation of privacy. On the other hand, linking the data location for the user so that he can effectively control the data improves the privacy control.


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