East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami – Day 2

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant now under control. Yey! #earthquake

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RT @___bLack__: 震災や余震で不安になっている方へ。世界中からの祈り #i4pc http://t.co/aW7otf8

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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant considering releasing air to lower the pressure of the container. 02:00JST

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@breno8 Thank you!

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@Helena_Arellano I am fine, thank you. Fukushima Nuclear Power Station is still in a delicate situation. Within 10km are evacuated now.

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RT @tekusuke: To our neighborhood living in Kanto region including Tokyo, power shortage in this evening will be unavoidable announced from power company.

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RT @socialtechno: For news on the Fukushima nuclear reactor read http://is.gd/RlkQPx and follow @arclight #earthquake

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@Helena_Arellano The evacuation order was expanded from 3km to 10km. Abnormal radiations are being detected in the plant.

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We are so thankful for the support the world is giving to Japan. #earthquake

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12:30JST ANN Report says that Defense Force lost contact with its 300 men (rescue?) team.

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No power, No heat, No light in a shelter in Kesenuma, Japan under freezing temperature. 300 to 400 people there. #earthquake

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Looks like Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant’s situation deteriorating. Now fuel rod is exposed over the water. (ANN 13:23)

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.@arclight Right now 90cm (3 feets) exposed as of 13:23JST Mar 12.

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Now reactor core exposed 1.7m above water. Melting may have started. #earthquake

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@gjmorley NHKもTBSもFNN他民法もネットで生放送みられますよ。 http://bit.ly/skKBc

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RT @Touruma: #Nuclear plant safety committee detected cesium, a substance that is not normally detected unless, according to an expert, fuel rod melts.

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.@lionelstpierre Cesium detected indicating the melt at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. #japan #earthquake

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English/Chinese/Korean etc. Translation Service for affected foreigners now available 24h a day. Call 050-5814-7230 for assistance #jpquake

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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant decided to pour sea water into the vessel, according to the authority. http://bit.ly/17n4iz #jpquake

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If you do not know, that is a very extraordinary measure. Usually only pure water is used so it will not corrupt things. @_nat_en

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16:00 Explosion sound is heard at Fukushima 1 NP. White smoke seen. The authority is investigating it. #jpquake

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Looks like the wall of the Fukushima 1 NP blown off. The authority will have press meeting at 17:15JST #nhk #jpquake

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RT @Touruma: Warning from NHK, 1)Do not open door 2)Do not use air fan. 3)Stay indoor if outside. Something very serious might have happened. #tsunami

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Fukushima 1 NP roof collapsed into the building, according to Fukushima prefecture. #nhk #prayforjapan

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15:36 Blast happend in the Fukushima 1 NP.

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RT @wizardofcrowds: http://bit.ly/fU8NvL RT @_nat_en: Looks like the wall of the Fukushima 1 NP blown off.

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Close window, door, stop ventilation.

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1015 micro Sv/h radiation around Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant. #nhk #jpquake

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Edano Chief Cabinet Secretary will do the news briefing at 18:00JST

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We still do not know the details of the blast.

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@MagicalTux You are welcome.

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No new info from the Cabinet Secretary nor NISA at this time. Just “Blast happened. Stay tuned.”

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Going to get some food.

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The govt ordered evacuation of people within 20km of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. #jpquake

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IAEA will have emergency meeting from 8:00pm JST

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Fukushima NP Explosion video http://bit.ly/hyS9Yu

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RT @Touruma: The blast was not of reactor core. Hydrogen released out of the core into the next building reacted with O2, causing the blast, said JCCM.

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RT @Touruma: Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary just stated hydrogen does not exist inside the reactor core. The reactor core is OK, he repeated. #tsunami

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RT @Touruma: The engineers succeeded in decreasing the pressure inside the reactor core of #Fukushima Unit 1 NP, said Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary.

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One sentence mail from Fukushima NP worker, a friend of @tutuwo_kurata: “Even if we die, we will not let the melt-down happen.”

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Miyagi Prefecture announced that 10K people, half of the population, missing from Minami Sanriku Town. #jpquake

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RT @twinturbo7: 確かによくまとまってる!一人ひとりの意識や知識のボトムアップが大切。RT @AkiraNagao 地震お役立ち情報についてよくまとまったサイト。拡散お願いします。 地震マニュアル: http://mblg.tv/enokiiii/

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Another quake.

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seismic center is off the coast of Fukushima. 40km deep. M6.0 #jpquake

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OK. Another one coming.

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Another warning for quake now.

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Over 100 people seem to be irradiated. #jpquake

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If you are looking for a person in the quake affected area, try Google Person Finder http://bit.ly/ebNMey

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