Thank you for your support – OpenID Foundation Election

The election result is now published.
It is at OpenID Board Election Results

Snorri Giorgetti, me, Chris Messina, David Recordon received two year terms and Eric Sachs, Scott Kveton, and Brian Kissel received one year terms.

I would like to thank all of you for your support to elect me to the two years term.

For those of you who may not be famillier with those people, Snorri has been the main engine for the OpenID in Europe. He established OpenID Europe and has helped over 30 country level chapters to get establisehd in Europe. So, he has been an European counterpart to me (I being co-founding OpenID Japan.)

Chris is running Citizen Agency, and works on DiSo project facilitating the development of “OpenStack” for the social web. Together with David, he is also involved in OpenWeb foundation.

David has been a spokes person for the OpenID community at large, so you probably know.

Eric is heavily involved in the usability side of OpenID. Google’s study of it together with Yahoo! study has been regarded as one of the main input in this field.

Scott is a co-founder and the current chairman of OIDF. He brings with him his 12 years of experience building technology, developing business
strategy and leading engineering teams with companies like,
Rulespace, JanRain and now Vidoop to this community.

Brian has been a real work horse behind the scene. He has been Chairman of the Marketing Committee, co-founded the Customer Research
Committee among other things. We have seen significant increase in the work around OpenID Foundation recently, and that is partly because of his devotion.

I believe OpenID is entering a new phase, and am really excited by the new board. It is international, balanced, and committed. Together with the membership and the community, I am hoping to further advance the UCI.

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