“OpenID” selected as the 3rd runner up in the 2008 IT Buzz Words

On Dec. 22, Tokyo IT Newspaper published this year’s buzz word ranking. (http://itnp.net/category_betsu/24/2167/)

The ranking is done in Sumo Ranking style and They are Ranked as “Yokozuna (Grand Champion)”, “Ozeki (Champion, 2nd highest rank)”, “Sekiwake (Junior Champion, 3rd highest rank)” etc.

This year, Yokozuna was iPhone, which was no surprise since it was the first year in Japan. Ozeki was Google Street View, which is no surprise either.

What surprised me though was the 3rd highest rank, Sekiwake, which turned out to be OpenID. It ranked higher than NetBooks (eePCs etc.) or Google Chrome, etc.

Anyhow, it is good to hear something that is assuring our activity.

Here is the complete ranking (Sorry it is in Japanese…)

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