Belated Seasons Greetings

Sorry for being so late in providing a season greeting this year.

There were so many things to think about, and after an ll, we have come to two pieces.

1 is Bac’s Siciliano. This is one of the best-known flute pieces, though it is believed to be actually his son, CPE Bach’s instead. It is not secular music, and under this year’s situation, that seemed appropriate.

The other piece is more light-hearted. Amazing Grace, with my entire family, as Sara, came back to Tokyo from Bermuda. It is on Piano, Cimbalom, Flute and Marimba.

I hope this music will bring you some peace of your mind.

  1. Bach/JS/CPE Siciliano – played on Luos S/N81 (Nat) and Toka Spinet (Junko)
  2. Amazing Grace – played on Yamaha C3Chipendale, A Cimbalom, Korogi LaView Marimba, and Altus 1407RE Flute.
Bach: Siciliano

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