Decentralized, Global, Human-Owned. The Role of IDM in an Ideal (If there is One) Web3 World

I will be in the panel discussion on the role of identity management in an ideal Web3 World at the European Identity & Cloud Conference (#EIC2022).

Date & Time: Friday, May 13, 2022 09:20—09:40
Location: BCC Berlin, C01

The Internet had been created without an identity layer, leaving it to websites and applications to take care for authentication, authorization, privacy and access. We all know the consequences – username and password still being the dominant paradigm and, even more important, users not having control over information that personally identifies them. The risk of data misuse, of being hacked or manipulated has become a significant challenge and and requires a new approach in times of an emerging web3 and its core capability of transferring value. Is decentralized, DLT based Identity the solution that finally will enable DeFi, NFTs and DAOs? Join this awesome keanote panel to controversially discuss this topic.

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