Getting iPhone 4 SIM at Munich Airport

So the first thing I did upon arrival at Munich airport was to get a SIM card for my iPhone 4. My iPhone 4 is SIM lock free, so it makes more sense to get a local SIM than pay the roaming fee of 15 Euro/day.

When you get out from the baggage claim area of the terminal 2, you need to go right. There is a money exchange, and in front of it is a electronics shop (see the photo below). You can get the micro SIM for iPhone 4 here at 19.90€. Micro-SIM Adapter comes with it. Note that all the documentation is in German and thus difficult to read, so ask the shopkeeper if he can activate it for you.


For the Data, you need to first put more money into the card. You can go to a super market “EDEKA” and prepay 20€ by showing the SIM package. Then the shop keeper will giv you a receipt with “PIN-NUMMER”. You take that to the shop you bought the SIM then.


Using this number, you activate Daten-Flat It is 19.80€ for 30days.

Further, you need to specify APN etc. as follows.

1. APN:
2. Username: blau
3. Password: blau

MMS Setting:

1. APN:
2. Username: blau
3. Password: blau
4. MMSC: http://mms/eplus:5080
5. MMS-Proxy:

Do not input anything on the MMS size limit etc.

Now you should be able to use the data. supports tehtering, so you can use your iPhone 4 as a Personal Hotspot for your PC.

There is another plan called Tagesflat, which is 2.4€/day. To activate it, you put as your APN. If you are staying only couple of days, it is more reasonable. Note that you cannot use Tagesflat together with the Daten Flat. If you try to do, you will be flooded by SMSs saying “Die Buchung der Tagesflatrate in Kombination mit Ihrer bereits gebuchten Option ist nicht möglich. ”

The Daten-Flat seems to be called Internet Flat XXL on the (Web Site. This plan is auto-renewing per 30 days. So, once you get out of Germany, you have to deactivate it. To do so, go to and login. For login, you need Handynummer and Internet Passwort. This is shown on the paper to which SIM was attached. When you log-in, you will see the plan change page. By clicking “zur Abbestellung” you probably would be able to deactivate it. (I have not tried it yet.)

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