Contract Structure and System Identity

I had a talk with ProtectServe folks yesterday and it inspired something about what Contract has to have.

Until the meeting, the basic items that I had in mind were following:

– Subjects
– Signers (If Subject!=Signer, Singer is a proxy and
asserting that he has the agreement with Subject
– Human Readable Term Text
– Machine Readable Term
– Date
– Period of the Service
– Consideration for the Service (usually in dollar amount.)
– Liability (usually specifying the limit in dollar amount.)
– Corrective Measures
– Termination
– Confidentiality (May persist longer than the duration of the service.)
– Arbitration
– Jurisdiction

During the discussion, an issue with signing software/hardware came up. From the process point of view, it would be importat to know what was used to sign. Thus, probably, the identifier including versions of the software/hardware combination, or more simply put “System” needs to be recoreded somewhere.

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