On Dec. 10, IdCon #4 was held, hosted by NRI.

IdCon is a gathering of identity engineers and architects started earlier this year by tkudo and =zigorou.
It is a grass-root activity which does not require a membership fee.
It makes a good companion with OIDF-J, which is a for fee membership organization.

IdCon #4 was a fifth such event this year. (We started off from IdCon #0, by the way.)
IdCon #4 featured following sessions:

– Possibility of Mobile OpenID, =zigorou, Cybozu Labs.
– Liberty People Service, =hiroki, NTT Information Sharing Lab.
– Recent Developments around OpenID, =nat, NRI
– Drinking Party :pint:

=zigorou gave detailed analysis of the limitation of the current phones available in Japan and the impact of that to OpenID.

=hiroki gave an overview of Liberty People Service.

=nat gave an overview of the recent development around OpenID, such as the board election, new WGs, Dick Hardt going to Microsoft, etc.

One of the feature of IdCon is that it always coupled with drinking party afterwards. It is a very valuable socializing event.

The next IdCon (i.e., IdCon #5) will be hosted by NTT and expected to be around the cherry blossom time so that we can go on an outing for cherry blossom viewing afterwards.

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