IIW2007b Day 2

Today, I have presented the concept of Trusted Data Exchange and Reputation Service at iiw2007b.

Am writing an article in iiw wiki, but submit succeeds only sporadically.

Had a problme with Linksafe login, so to create the article, I am using =sakimura which is being hosted at 2idi, but that is me, =nat. This seems to be the problem that was introduced in conjunction with the introduction of CardSpace as one of the authentication method.


with =eekim and =ovdavis: ref linking of inames crossing over the ibroker.

with Ashish Jain: Necessity of Reputation service for the distributed authentication and data exchange service to be useful, esp. on the RP reputation.

with Paul Trevithick: Higgins and the contract format.

with =wes of Authentrus (city of Osmio, ITU eTrust initiative, The World Trust Signatories Association):

Authentrus provide the remote enrollment technology (online, telephone, etc.)

Other notes from =wes: Use iname or OpenID as DN in X.509 certificate. On the importance of enrollment/registration. Certification/Registration/AuthN/AuthZ.

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