New vulnerability on OpenSSL found

2014/06/06 | security ,

A new bug in OpenSSL was found by Masashi Kikuchi of Lepidum. It affects all versions of OpenSSL

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Covert Redirect is not new but.. A risk analysis and recommendations

So, there has been a flurry of worries induced by the CNET and other articles about "Covert Redirec

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OpenID Connect is here! – An Identity Layer on the internet

Celebrate! OpenID Connect 1.0 Final is here! After four and half years, or six years if we include

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Identity Management TechDay

2014/02/18 | identity

Invitation to the Identity Management TechDayon March 20, 2014 in Darmstadt, Germany

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Guidance on which grant / flow to use for OpenID Connect

2013/10/30 | OpenID Connect

Many people seem to ask for the guidance on which grant / flow to use in OpenID Connect. Here is

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Refactoring OpenID Connect Drafts

2013/08/27 | identity, OpenID Connect

After the Berlin OpenID AB/C WG F2F meeting, I have been trying to refactor the Connect suites into

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What to read when you want to build OpenID Connect

2013/07/28 | OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect has many components. Sometimes, it seems confusing what to read for a new reader, or

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Write an OpenID Connect server in three simple steps

2013/07/28 | OAuth, OpenID Connect

An OpenID Connect server is just an OAuth 2.0 server on steroids. What it does it to return the ID T

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Identity, Authentication + OAuth = OpenID Connect

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More on Personal Data working group report

2013/05/15 | identity, privacy

So, during the Kantara Initiative's Information Sharing working group call, which happend between 1:

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