Refactoring OpenID Connect Drafts

After the Berlin OpenID AB/C WG F2F meeting, I have been trying to refactor the Connect suites into more palatable form. I am supposed to create two sets of the refactored version. One for a granular split version and the other for a monolithic version. Some people like Torsten and Me push for a granular version and people like Brian is pushing for a monolithic version. Note: Since it is just a refactoring, no normative change is being made. It is essentially cut and paste of the paragraphs into different orders.

Since monolithic version amounts to concatenating the granular version, I have started working on the partitioned version first.

Here is the layout:

And here is the monolithic concatenated version.

I clearly like the partitioned version. You can just read what you want, and the order of the docs are clear. But, YMMV.

NB: These specs are not going to be touched by this reorganization.

  • OpenID Connect – Part 7: Discovery
  • OpenID Connect – Part 8:┬áDynamic Registration
  • OpenID Connect – Part 9: Session Management

I will keep updating them for sometime, but in the mean time, your comments are welcome.

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  1. Has anyone put together a simple user experience flow for openID connect? I realize that might be a silly question as it is an API but it would be useful to understand some ‘explain it like I’m 5’ type of points:

    * How do I get my account/ID? (google? yahoo? other?)
    * What products will use OpenID connect? (web service? device?)
    * How will I setup that service/device to use OpenID connect?
    * What does this allow me to do that login/password does not?

    I’ve talked to so many people that have no idea what OpenID connect is and even the ‘OpenID in a nutshell’ post goes into quick implementation details. I’m thinking of a TechCrunch type couple of paragraphs that motivates what it can do and why it is awesome.

    Does that exist?

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