Month: February 2008

OpenID Compatibility

There seem to be some compatibility issues since the rise of OpenID 2.0. For example, something like does not support OpenID 2.0 nor XRI so that I
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OpenID module for Xoops 2 and Xoopscube ver.0.2

OpenID RP Module for Xoops JP. ============================== Author: Nat Sakimura (=nat) Date: 2008-02-10 Copyright: Nat Sakimura (=nat) License: GPL Version: 0.2 PHP OpenID Library: php-openid-2.0.0 DOWNLOAD ========
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Random thoughs on Reputation

Let me make note of my random thougts before I forget. Reputation needs to have an identifier of somebody being scored. The same for who is scoring. For
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